100 Great Stories

Reported, Investigated, Written, Produced, Filmed, Edited, Photographed, Anchored, and/or Tweeted by Columbia Journalists


We compiled this collection by culling the school’s archives, researching the recipients of a wide array of journalism prizes, consulting with colleagues and scouring some of the best journalism ever produced. In fall 2011, we enlisted our faculty and a group of distinguished judges to vote for their favorites on the first installment of 50 Great Stories. Then, in 2012, we invited alumni to nominate and vote on the selections they thought most worthy of inclusion for another 50 stories. The result is this compilation of 100 stories.

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World War I1
The Russian Revolution2
The Sunday Times3
Modern Art4
The Great Depression5
Eleanor Roosevelt6
Lindbergh Kidnapping Trial7
World War II8
America’s Natural Wonders9
Covering Congress11
Creating the Postwar World12
Fighting Jim Crow13
The Korean War14
Uprisings in the USSR15
The Civil Rights Movement16
The Slums of New York City18
Integrating New Orleans19
Journalism, Reviewed20
The Movies as Art22
China’s Cultural Revolution23
The Globalization of Crime24
Life in the Ghetto25
Life on the Field26
The Moon Landing27
South African Apartheid28
Weathermen Terrorism29
The Power Broker32
The Last Flight from Da Nang33
The Modern Political Talk Show34
Mount St. Helens35
Famine in Africa36
The Last Years of Josef Mengele37
The Marcos Regime38
South Africa in Black and White39
The Iran-Contra Scandal40
Christmas in Vietnam41
The Secret Government42
Modern Presidential Campaign43
Tragedy in Tiananmen Square44
Scandal in India45
Covering the News Media46
The Voices of Women in Asia47
Subway Lives48
Fall of the USSR49
Guns in America50
The Working Poor51
Living Deaf52
The Lives of Muslim Women53
Journalism’s Digital Future54
The Color of Water55
Race and the Drug War56
Protecting the Rainforest57
Tuesdays with Morrie58
The Toll of Alcohol Abuse59
How Race Is Lived in America60
The Threat from Pakistan61
The Faces of Poverty62
Corporate Scandals on Wall Street64
The Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal65
A Broken Child Welfare System66
Faulty Evidence, Unjust Verdicts67
'On Top of the World'68
Tyranny in Zimbabwe69
Wal-Mart and Globalization70
Rwanda and Genocide71
Abu Ghraib72
The Secret Epidemic73
Israel's Withdrawal from Gaza74
Hurricane Katrina75
Duke Cunningham and Corruption76
The Human Elvis77
An Imam in America78
Uncovering the Armenian Genocide79
Tragedy in Darfur80
The Great Recession81
Capital Punishment82
Sports and Coronary Health83
Remaking the Democratic Party84
The Obama Election85
Recycling Abuse86
Af-Pak Escalation87
Modern Iran88
Faces of Iranian Protest89
An Overstretched Justice System90
Pete Rose's Corked Bat91
Immigrants in America92
The Wreck of the Lady Mary93
Big Banks in the Post-Bailout Era94
Revolution in Egypt95
Disaster in Japan96
The Struggle for India's Future97
A Pilgrimage to Mecca98
Surviving Catastrophe in Turkey99
Tracking a Mysterious Disease100