2002: Corporate Scandals on Wall Street

Ruth Fremson/The New York Times




David Wessel ’81, Laurie Cohen ’82, Mark Maremont ’83, Theo Francis ’97, & Julia Angwin ’99

David Wessel, Laurie Cohen, Mark Maremont, Theo Francis and Julia Angwin shared in a Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting for a Wall Street Journal series on the roots and impact of several corporate scandals that became symbolic of the modern gilded age. 


The Wall Street Journal – Jun. 20, 2002

64. Corporate Scandal 1

“Why the Bad Guys Of the Boardroom Emerged en Masse”


The Wall Street Journal – Aug. 1, 2002

64. Corporate Scandal 2

“Deadbeat CEOs Plague Firms As Economy and Markets Roil”


For access to the complete series that ran in The Wall Street Journal, click on the links below.

“What’s Wrong? Venal Signs” (6/20/02)  |  “What’s Wrong? Uneasy Money” (8/1/02)  |  “What’s Wrong? Buried Treasure” (10/11/02)  |  “What’s Wrong? The Deregulators” (10/17/02)  |  “What’s Wrong? Tricks of the Trade” (12/23/02)  |  “Executive Privilege” 8/7/02  |  “Trial Heat” (8/8/02)  |  “Uncooking the Books” (10/30/02)  |  “History and Science” (9/27/02)  |  “Damage Control” (10/31/02) 


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