2003: Tyranny in Zimbabwe

European Pressphoto Agency/Corbis




Andrew Meldrum ’77

In commentary for the Guardian written shortly after he was expelled from Zimbabwe after 23 years of reporting, Andrew Meldrum reflected on the nation’s tragic journey from hope to despair under the increasingly tyrannical rule of Robert Mugabe. 


The Guardian — May 19, 2003

"From joy and hope to corruption, tyranny and the misery of poverty"

“From joy and hope to corruption, tyranny and the misery of poverty”


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  1. Gerhard Brostrom
    Posted 04.06.13 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

    Exiled newsman’s harrowing eyewitness account of pivotal events shaping a key African nation troubled history over the past 4 decades. Exemplifies a Columbia’s J-school graduate’s professionalism & commitment to humanitarian values regardless of personal danger.

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