2011: Disaster in Japan

Shiho Fukada for The New York Times




Yuka Hayashi ’91, Rob Schmitz ’01, Jonathan Soble ’01, Enrique Acevedo Quintana ’06, Lam Thuy Vo ’08, Yoree Koh ’09, & Lim Wui Liang ’10 

A 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami and nuclear meltdown in 2011 subjected Japan to one of the biggest disasters ever. Many Columbia journalists, including Yuka Hayashi, Rob Schmitz, Jonathan Soble, Enrique Acevedo Quintana, Lam Thuy Vo, Yoree Koh, and Lim Wui Liang, played significant roles in reporting the story for a range fo news outlets.


TheWallStreetJournal.com — Mar. 16, 2011 


Lam Thuy Vo ’08, a multimedia editor at The Wall Street Journal, returned to Hong Kong after four days of reporting in Japan, primarily in Sendai, due to the risk of radiation exposure. She reported and produced this and the following videos.

Japan Quake Survivors Reunited After Days  |  Amid Tsunami Destruction, Two Dogs Are Rescued  |  Hundreds Line Up at Supermarkets  |  Japanese Head to Makeshift Shelters

Yoree Koh ’09, a Tokyo correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, live blogged at Japan Realtime and wrote this story about people trying to find their families. She also discussed conditions in Japan on-air with CNN.

Rob Schmitz ’01, of American Public Media’s Marketplace was roughly 60 miles from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station. His classmate Jonathan Soble ’01 was in Tokyo reporting. Listen to Schmitz’s series on Marketplace below.

Sendai regroups after earthquake, tsunami —
Mar. 17, 2011  

A long road ahead for Japanese taxi company — Mar. 18, 2011

Japanese supply chain’s missing links — Mar. 24, 2011

Lim Wui Liang ’10, a photojournalist with Singapore’s Straits Times, arrived in Sendai on March 14. He has contributed to slide shows.

Enrique Acevedo Quintana ’06, an investigative reporter at Univision and an editorial adviser at The Periscope Post, arrived in Sendai less than 48 hrs after the tsunami hit and reported live from there to the US, Mexico, Colombia and Chile. 


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