Joseph Pulitzer provided in his will for the statue of Thomas Jefferson at the school’s entrance. It was installed in June, 1914.

Founded by Joseph Pulitzer a century ago, Columbia Journalism School has educated and trained students from all over the world to become accomplished professional journalists.

In accordance with Pulitzer’s belief that “a journalist is the lookout on the bridge of the ship of state,” the school prepares students to perform a vital and challenging function: discovering the truth of complex situations, generally under time constraints, and reporting it clearly and engagingly to the public.

The school also educates scholars of communications and journalism, administers some of the field’s most prestigious prizes and awards, and functions as a central hub for cutting-edge discourse about the profession. For one hundred years, the school has fostered innovation, trained Columbia journalists to become leaders in the profession, and championed journalistic excellence.

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For more information about the centennial, please contact:
Laurel Holland, Centennial Program Manager: lth2112@columbia.edu or CUJSCentennial@columbia.edu
Elizabeth Weinreb Fishman, Associate Dean for Communications: efishman@columbia.edu