We would like to thank our distinguished alumni for their enthusiasm at being included in this collection, the Board of Visitors, the Alumni Board, and the faculty of Columbia Journalism School for their input and guidance.

We would like to extend additional thanks to the New York Times, Corbis Images and Getty Images for opening up their photo archives and to the publishers, news organizations and copyright holders who generously allowed us to reproduce these outstanding works of journalism.

Special thanks to:

Jonnet Abeles ’67, Philip Balboni ’71, Meghan Berry ’09, Miriam Beyer, Jacleen Boland, James Boylan ’51, Barbara Fasciani, Kate Fink Ph.D ‘14, Mark Fowler, Steve Gu, Marcia Kramer, James McGrath Morris, Cenk Palaz, Sue Radmer, Corey Roberts, Jeffrey Henson Scales, David Smith, Mitchell Stephens, Irena Choi Stern ’01, Devrim Umit, Monica Washington and Peggy Willett.

Researched, Written and Compiled by Jesse Adams and Laurel Holland
Produced by Elizabeth Weinreb Fishman
Microsite by Michael Kelly/Hello Pilgrim, with Miriam Beyer, Keith Olsen ’12, David Smith and Jeff Sieben

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