For a century, Columbia Journalism School has been helping people report on the world. Now is your chance to turn it around, and reflect on your time at the J-School. Note: we welcome memories of long-time professor and beloved friend of the school Judith Crist, who passed away on August 7, 2012.

Whether you were a student, on staff or a member of the faculty, please share your favorite experiences from your time here and/or how the J-School has touched your life. And, please include a photo (maximum file size 6 MB) to accompany your entry. If you have any questions or are having trouble submitting your reflection, please email

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  • Judith Crist By Margo Jefferson ’71
    critic, teacher, Columbia Writing Program, School of the Arts

    I was in what I think was the first seminar she taught at the J-School. She was just terrific -- sharp-witted, stern about your prose, and also generous... more →

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  • More than a Legend
    More than a Legend By Amy Nutt ’95
    Staff Writer, The (Newark) Star-Ledger

    As an alumna of Judith Crist's writing class, I count myself one of those lucky former students to have also had the privilege of callng her a friend. She... more →

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  • Teaching RW1 in Fall 2001
    Teaching RW1 in Fall 2001 By Samuel G. Freedman
    Columbia Journalism School Professor

    On the Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001, I went out running instead of coming straight to the Journalism School. All of my RW1 students were already... more →

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  • Coming to Columbia
    Coming to Columbia By Mirta Ojito ’01
    Columbia Journalism School Professor

    I first came to Columbia in the throes of passion. I was a reporter for The Miami Herald and my date, the man who would later become my husband, brought me... more →

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  • A Few Words from Penn Kimball
    A Few Words from Penn Kimball By Penn Kimball
    Professor, Retired

    Longtime Professor Penn Kimball submitted the following message via his daughter, Lisa Kimball (lisa[at] Now 96 ½ I’ve slowed down a lot... more →

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  • Pioneering in Journalism (Archival)
    Pioneering in Journalism (Archival) By Carl W. Ackerman ’13
    Dean Emeritus

    From "Journalists In Action," a book of essays created for the Journalism School's 50th anniversary in 1962-63. Dean of the Columbia Graduate School of... more →

    Posted by: AlumniAlumni, FacultyFaculty Thu Mar 29, 2012 1 Comment