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Judith Crist

By Ivana Kottasova ’11

Lucky enough to make it into one of her last seminars, I will never forget the anxiety I felt when walking the 25 blocks from the J-School to Judith Crist's apartment, where her classes took place. She was a tough critic. I remember on one occasion she wrote "ugh ugh ugh" on my copy. But when she praised my writing, I was over the moon for days.
Perhaps to make us feel slightly better after tearing our work apart, she always made sure there was a bowl (a Tiffany's engraved box she got as a gift from the J-School) full of M&Ms on the table. At the end-of-term party, she poured us gin and tonic and talked about cutting school to go to movies and cocktails in "Bloomies." She embodied New York in so many ways and will be missed greatly.

Posted by: AlumniAlumni August 2012

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