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More than a Legend

By Amy Nutt ’95
Staff Writer, The (Newark) Star-Ledger

As an alumna of Judith Crist's writing class, I count myself one of those lucky former students to have also had the privilege of callng her a friend. She was a formidable teacher who could be tough, but always fair, incredibly incisive and often quite funny. She took great pride and pleasure in referring to herself as an "old broad" in the grand tradition of newspaperwomen who worked hard, drank harder and weren't ashamed to be as good or better than their male counterparts. (And she was -- better, that is.) Among my favorite memories: twice attending her famous Thanksgiving day dinner, which always included an eclectic mix of her friends -- actors, agents, artists --as well as any students who would otherwise have been alone that day. She was warm and generous and told fabulous stories. Sneaking a peek at the office inside her Riverside Avenue home was like glimpsing the great and wonderful Oz behind the curtain. She was, truly, larger than life.

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