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Remembering Judith Crist

By Robert Eidelberg ’63
Retired journalist and educator

I knew Judith Crist as a daily, never-miss-it reader of the lamented New York Herald Tribune ("Who says a good newspaper has to be dull?") long, long before I met her as a graduate student in the J school. In 1962-1963, besides Penn Kimball, no regular member of the J school faculty could hold a candle to most of the adjunct faculty -- and Judith Crist was the best of the best of the adjuncts. She was the bright and witty writer I hoped to be (never came close) and the teacher (including college adjunct) that I later worked hard to become. In short, an amazing mentor and a double-barreled role model. Thanks for the words, and the insights, and the attitude, Judith Crist.

Posted by: AlumniAlumni August 2012

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  1. Bruce Dunning
    Posted 08.07.12 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

    Mrs. Crist was a genre-changing movie critic. I remember the students in her criticism seminar, myself included, applauding her when she was named the Herald Tribune movie critic. She was a most inspiring teacher, one of the very, VERY few J-school instructors whose classes were worth showing up for.

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