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Thank You Judith Crist

By Erica Meyer Rauzin ’72
Managing Editor / US,

I took Mrs. Crist's film criticism class in 1971 and went to several of her Tarrytown film weekends later. I learned from her both professionally and personally. She pushed us to make every word count and every thought meaningful. After she took us to a screening of Slaughterhouse FIve, a few of us returned to school in the subway together under her mandate not to discuss the movie until we had written our reviews. The film made us giddy and we laughed every time we caught each other's eyes all the way back; people must have thought we were drunk. However, I was still giddy when I wrote the review, and went on and on about how the film distorted time. Her margin note: "All movies distort time." Back to earth...with one common sense course correction. She always knew how to set you straight and praise from her was real gold. She was a model of a professional journalist and a warm, gracious lady, and I'm very grateful to her for both.

Posted by: AlumniAlumni August 2012

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