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What A Remarkable Woman

By Sharon Santus ’98

Judith Crist asked us, her students, to call her "Mrs Crist," rather than professor, so I'll do that here. Mrs. Crist personified the word "class." When the university's maintenance workers went on strike, Mrs. Crist -- in solidarity -- refused to cross the picket line. But she didn't cancel classes. We met at her apartment on Riverside Drive. She also invited students who couldn't go home for Thanksgiving to her home. We shared a wonderful meal with high-profile journalists, film critics, and novelists. It was wonderful. On our first day of class, Mrs. Crist said we were selected because "you're either a very, very good writer, or a very, very bad writer ... and you'll never know which." I treasure every moment I was in Mrs. Crist's presence.
What a remarkable woman.

Posted by: AlumniAlumni August 2012

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