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Wherever I End Up

By Scooby Axson ’12

For anyone that has stepped foot in Pulitzer Hall, they would be hard pressed not to get a sense of history -- it's impressive and overwhelming at the same time. Even you don't know a thing about journalism, the building and the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism itself, it doesn't take long to realize that something special is happening in these hallowed halls.

It's simple for me. The J-School has affected and inspired me in so many
ways. It is challenging, but the challenge is more along the lines of what
you can contribute to the school, not what the school can do for you. The
faculty and staff are going to do their job for the students so there is no
reason to doubt yourself while you are here because the students are here
for a reason. You are not a number here, even though you have more than 300
students trying to accomplish the same goals.

I am proof that hard work, determination and perseverance and just a sheer
will to never quit can take you far in life because it will take all of
those things to make it through this 10-month crash course.

Never again will anyone tell me that I can't accomplish something solely
because of the things I have been taught at this school. I know if I am
lucky enough to get a job that I love doing the thing I love to do, which is
reporting and telling stories, that Columbia has given me the tools I need
to become the best journalist I can be. Wherever I end up in the world of
journalism, I have Columbia's J-school to thank.

Posted by: Current StudentCurrent Student June 2012

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