The J-School Today

Recently renamed Pulitzer Hall, the Journalism building has been in continuous use since September 1913.

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism’s purpose is to educate and train students, from all over the world, to become accomplished professional journalists. The school prepares them to perform a vital and challenging function in free societies: finding out the truth of complicated situations, usually under a time constraint, and communicating it in a clear, engaging fashion to the public. The school also educates scholars of communications and journalism, and functions as a significant guiding force in journalism and inculcates in its students the habit of thinking of themselves as leaders for change and improvement in the profession.

Our degree programs — the Master of Science, the Master of Arts, and the Ph.D. in Communications — are intensive, rigorous and demanding. The quality, vitality and innovation of our programs remain unsurpassed, providing the foundation and opportunity for students not only to succeed, but to shape the future of journalism.

Our faculty are preeminent in their fields. They are award-winning reporters, columnists, authors, magazine editors, documentary filmmakers, and digital media specialists. They are experienced, independent thinkers with a history of professional accomplishment who are deeply committed to teaching, challenging, and supporting their students.

The prizes the Journalism School administers, including the Pulitzer Prizes and the duPont-Columbia Awards, are internationally known.

Our continuing education programs, fellowships and workshops offer opportunities for seasoned practitioners and media executives to advance their knowledge and expertise.


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